welcome to our website!

 the st. george women's health center on 700 south

700 building.jpg

in downtown st. george, utah

we are

a comprehensive women's health care center,

with flexible hours and appointments available daily

we offer

primary care and specialty care for women  

evidence-based, state-of-the-art medicine


women's health issues


chronic health issues


acute problems

office hours

mon 9am-5pm

tue 9pm-5pm

wed 9 am-5pm

thu 9am-5pm

fri 9am-1pm



this is our beautiful, new women's center that opened on 700 S in 2018

updated weekly, this is a great source of up-t--date information on women's health.


narcotics policy

dr. lynn will only prescribe narcotics from the hospital or emergency room.  He believe in managing pain issues aggressively and effectively, but due to the risks of using narcotics, he utilizes other methods that are safer and will not risk addiction or overdose.