our philosophy is to simplify our patients' lives and improve quality of care by offering both general medical care and women's specialty care all under one roof, and to get you in when you need to be seen.

general medical problems

This includes acute problems such as

  • hair loss
  • headaches
  • sore throats
  • rashes and moles 
  • joint problems
  • GI problems 
  • ingrown toenails

and chronic problems such as

  • hypertension,
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • thyroid disorders
  • allergies
  • mood disorders

We can also take care of

  • prescription refills
  • routine lab tests and screening tests
  • specialist referrals
  • flu shots


women's health care issues

  • treatment of pelvic floor laxity
  • laparoscopic hysterectomy 
  • endometrial ablation
  • labioplasty (in-office procedure)
  • suburethral slings for bladder leakage (stress incontinence)
  • scar revisions
  • vaginal reconstruction
  • yearly (health maintenance) exams
  • paps and any other needed testing
  • birth control
  • breast cancer screening
  • hormone replacement counseling
  • bone density testing 
  • diagnosing and treating bladder control problems
  • sexual function concerns
  • abnormal menstrual cycles
Please note that we do not offer PRENATAL CARE.  Though Dr. Lynn is an experienced obstetrician, in order to be available to care for the primary and gynecologic health needs of our patients, we coordinate with local OBGYNs and perinatologists to refer care during pregnancy. We also do not offer elective abortions.  We are here to take care of you before and after your pregnancies, and will be for years to come.